Working with families to promote healthy living


  • Provide a catalog of various interventions to address barriers that interfere with client’s ability to navigate independently in their community.
  • Individual and family counseling.
  • Training to increase appropriate communication skills (e.g., counseling to assist the individual and his parents or guardians, as appropriate, to understand and practice appropriate problem solving, anger management, and interpersonal interaction, etc.).
  • Services shall also be used to facilitate the transition to home from an out-of-home placement when services more intensive than outpatient clinic are required for the transition to be successful.
  • Service Coordination


Provide families with resources necessary to promote recovery, rehabilitation and resiliency.


Provide community support activities to address independent living, learning, working, socializing and recreation.


Provide assistance for crisis situations, individual intervention, and development for informed decision making skills.

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Key Independent Development Services is a practice that focuses on serving adults, adolescence and young children with services that specialize in behavioral and mental health.