Mobile Crisis Service

Mobile Crisis Response provides rapid response, assessment and early intervention to individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis. This service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The purpose of this service includes prevention of acute exacerbation of symptoms, prevention of harm to the individual or others, provision of quality intervention in the least restrictive setting, and development of an immediate plan to maintain safety in order to prevent the need for a higher level of care.

Mobile Crisis Response is designed to support individuals in the following manner:

  • Provide rapid response to individuals experiencing a crisis situation or escalating emotional/behavioral symptoms which have impacted the individual’s ability to function in their family, living situation, community, school, or work/ environment;
  • Meet individuals in crisis in an environment where they are comfortable to engage to facilitate quick relief and resolution of the crisis when possible;
  • Provide appropriate care/support/supervision in order to maintain safety for the individual and others, while avoiding unnecessary law enforcement involvement, emergency room utilization, and/or avoidable hospitalization;
  • Refer and link to all medically necessary behavioral health services and supports, including access to appropriate services along the behavioral health continuum of care (including pre-admission screening in appropriate cases conducted by a DBHDS certified prescreener);
  • Coordinate with behavioral health providers providing services to the individual throughout the delivery of the service;
  • Deployed in real-time to the location of the identified crisis.