We Are Key Independent Development Services

Our philosophy is based on the importance of individual adults, adolescence and young children with a significant mental illness or developmental disability achieving and maintaining community stability and independence in the most appropriate and least restrictive environment.

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We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive services through experienced professionals.


Key Independent Development Services operates all sectors of the company with the utmost moral and ethical principles. All employees are held to the same standard.


Key Independent Development Services provides the best quality of service possible to each individual receiving service.

Why Choose Us?

  • Outcome Driven

  • Experienced Professionals

  • Strong Resources

  • Family Focused

  • Embraced by Community

Services & Progress

Working with families to promote healthy links

At Key Independent Development Services, we provide a number of services to help on a one-to-one basis as well as a group setting, we specialize in the services listed below:

Intensive In-Home Service

Assist children and adolescents with the necessary training skill sets to achieve community stability, improve family dynamics, and increase functional and therapeutic interpersonal relations between family members in the home.

Mental Health Skill Building

To provide adults with severe mental illnesses the necessary training and support to achieve community stability and independence in the least restrictive environment.


Provide community support activities to address independent living, learning, working, socializing and recreation.


Provide assistance for crisis situations, individual intervention, and development for informed decision making skills.